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It’s time to give a fish. #thebigfissue

Overfishing not only reduces fish population dramatically but also has a negative impact on the marine life living in it, resulting in a depletion in the marine prey-and-predator system.

Alexis Lim Xin Ying
Goh Wei Wen Timothy
Kalaimathi d/o mahendran
Nelson Tan Yan Cong
Tan Li Xing
Teong Shi Hong Derek
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU , SG)
CS0900 – Communication Strategies For Sustainability & Social Change / Sonny Ben Rosenthal

3D Dynamics Simulation Test

1 Day of Modelling, Animating and Rendering.

3D ncloth dynamics maya simulation.

3D ncloth dynamics maya simulation.